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The Canadian Journal of Anesthesia publishes reviews on a topic of interest as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) articles and modules.  Additional information can be found in 2-3 authoritative articles clearly indicated in the reference list.  To complete CPD module, participants must read the review and the 2-3 additional references, and then answer questions pertaining to a clinical case outlined in the article.

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Currently available CPD articles
Article Title/Module title Vol. No Issue No. Page Nos.
The impaired anesthesiologist: what you should know about substance abuse Vol. 64 Number 2 / 
February 2017
Pgs: 219–235
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy Vol. 63 Number 9 / 
September 2016
Pgs: 1075–1097
An update on the prone position Vol. 63 Number 6/ 
June 2016
Pgs: 737-767
Local anesthetic systemic toxicity Vol. 63 Number 3/ 
March 2016
Pgs: 330-349
Potential strategies for preventing chronic postoperative pain: a practical approach Vol. 62 Number 12/ 
December 2015
Pgs: 1329-1341
Managing the challenging pediatric airway Vol. 62 Number 9/ 
September 2015
Pgs: 1000-1016
Reversal of warfarin anticoagulation for urgent surgical procedures Vol. 62 Number 6 / 
June 2015
Pgs: 634-649

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