Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society - early 2000s


  • Dr Seal became the first two-year term President of the CAS, following the implementation of changes to the Bylaws and organizational structure of the CAS.

  • Dr Eva Ryten presented her ACUDA-sponsored report, A Physician Workforce Planning Model for the Specialty of Anesthesia: Theoretical and Practical Considerations.  This report included a model for predicting province-specific anesthesiologist human resource requirements to the year 2016. 

  • An anesthesia assistant category was added to CAS membership. 

  • Canadian Anesthesia Day: This day was undertaken in 2000 as part of a “grassroots” level public awareness and image improvement project for our specialty.

  • MOCOMP: This RCPSC initiative was implemented in January 2001.  The CAS took the necessary steps to become a MOCOMP accreditor recognized by the RCPSC which would enable the CAS to accredit its Annual National meeting as well as divisional and regional meetings.  In later years, this included accreditation from allied health societies.

  • Anesthesia News became available online as of July 1, 2001

  • After 12 years as Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, Dr David Bevan was succeeded by Dr Jean-François Hardy

  • The eCJA went online in May 2001.  Back issues to 1995 were made available in PDF format.

  • With then support from Organon, complimentary membership, including an electronic subscription to the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia was extended to all anesthesia residents (PGY1 to PGY5)

  • The CAS Medical Student Prize was first awarded at the 2001 Annual Meeting.

  • Perioperative Medicine Section became the newest section within the CAS.

  • Online membership renewal became available in the fall of 2001.

  • At over 800 attendees, the 2002 Annual Meeting, held in Victoria, British Columbia, became the most well attended CAS Annual meeting. 


  • Dr Donald Miller became the CJA editor

  • CAS IEF’s residency training program in Rwanda had its first volunteers in early 2006

  • The Patient Safety Symposium became a regular component of the Annual Meeting.

  • The Wait Time Alliance was set up with many specialty societies joining, including CAS, focused on concerns about the number of providers in anesthesia and other specialty areas.

  • Dr John Bradley had been active in the creation of the Young Educator Award, which was  renamed as  the John Bradley Young Educator Award after he unexpectedly passed away.

  • Ms Felicity Pope, an archivist, was hired to review CAS’ archival materials. Dr David Shepherd (who had been a Journal editor) chaired the Archives and Artifacts Committee during the early part of 2006.

  • Online payments were enabled for Society members

  • To honour Dr Serge Lenis, President from 1999 to 2000, the Wednesday morning board meeting breakfast (after the Annual Meeting) was “moved and approved” as the Lenis Breakfast.

  • The Impact factor (the measure of how many times information from a given journal is cited in another publication) was instituted for the CJA.

  • Electronic automated Abstract Submission was made available

  • The Annual Meeting went from 600 to 1000+ attendees


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