Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group


Dr Dolores McKeen, Halifax, NS

The CAS & ACUDA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group (DE&I WG) was established to assess organizational inclusiveness, to ensure that any systemic biases or barriers are addressed and removed, and to report all findings to CAS & ACUDA leadership.  The group will work to embed a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of the organizations.  CAS and ACUDA value and embrace inclusion and consider it fundamental to success.
We recognize that historical and persistent inequities and barriers to equitable participation exist and are well documented in society and believe individual and systemic biases contribute to the marginalization of designated groups.

General Guidelines
•The Working Group Chair will be appointed by the President on behalf of the Board of Directors, and will report to the Board of Directors through the Executive Committee;
•Working Group members will be appointed by the President after recommendation from the Chair;
•As the Working Group is project focused and likely time limited, members have no term expiration.  

Roles and Responsibilities
The Working Group will:
•Investigate CAS & ACUDA status regarding types of diversity, equity & inclusion;
•Collect data to evaluate and investigate CAS & ACUDA status regarding diversity, equity & inclusion;
•Based on findings, develop appropriate goals, programs and initiatives to address any shortcomings or determined gaps;
•Develop and implement an effective and detailed workplan;
•Provide DE&I education, information and expectations to CAS members, ACUDA volunteers, staff and associates;
•Track progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives undertaken;
•Revise programs and initiatives where necessary to achieve desired results;
•Make recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board on required actions.