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National Curriculum in Anesthesiology

ACUDA education has developed a national curriculum for the purposes of providing guidance to trainees as well as those developing training programs. The overall purpose of the National Curriculum is to provide a comprehensive listing of all of the competencies that a consultant in Anesthesiology is expected to master. It does not and is not intended to contain the educational resources required to master these competencies.

This curriculum was developed through a process of extensive collaboration among the members of ACUDA and through them, their respective departments. ACUDA education members generated a list of subject areas. The areas were then divided amongst the group to have experts in the area from their respective departments develop a list of competencies for the area. Once completed, all of the resulting documents were collected and recirculated for editorial review by experts in other departments. As a final step, the sections were recirculated again for review by non-subspecialists. This final step and ongoing revisions was overseen by a subcommittee of ACUDA education.

The published document is now available and although complete it is recognized that this is a ‘living’ document that will require periodic updates and reorganization.


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