The CAIRS system is an anonymous program that can be incorporated into hospital systems to assist anesthesiologists to report, evaluate and receive information regarding anesthetic incidents. The results of the incident analyses may be fed back into the system, allowing the 'loop' to be closed as part of a quality improvement system. The CAIRS committee reviews the program and offers suggestions for improvement, if applicable.

CAIRS Chair(s)

Dr Kathryn Sparrow
Chair | St. John's, NFLD


  • Dr Daniel Bainbridge
  • Dr James Kim
  • Dr Irene McGhee
  • Dr Josh Gleicher
  • Dr Trevor Lee
  • Dr Donal Finegan
  • Dr Christopher Pysyk
  • Dr Daniel Chartrand
  • Dr Jessica Burjorjee
  • Dr Scott Beattie, CAIRS MD / Non-voting
  • Dr Lucie Filteau, Chair, Patient Safety
  • Ms Debra Thomson, CAS Executive Director
  • Ms Kamilla Molnar, Financial Oversight / Non-voting

Resources – CAIRS

Call to Action - COVID-19 Incident Reporting (PDF 100 KB)