COACT (Committee on Anesthesia Care Team)

COACT is responsible for advising the CAS Board of Directors on matters pertaining to anesthesia regarding developments within the allied health fields and particularly with regard to Anesthesia Assistants.

COACT (Committee on Anesthesia Care Team) Chair(s)

Dr Marcus Salvatori
Chair | Toronto, ON


  • Dr Claire Middleton, Past Chair
  • Mr Jared Campbell, Chair, Anesthesia Assistants section
  • Ms Lara Peiffer, NAPANc co-rep
  • Ms Devany Holzwarth, NAPANc co-rep
  • Ms Mandeep Thandi
  • Ms Terri Tryon
  • Dr Arun Anand
  • Mr Adam Gillis
  • Dr Mohamad Ahmad, ACUDA representative
  • Ms Carolyn McCoy, CSRT representative

Resources – COACT

Position Paper on Anesthesia Assistants: An Official Position Paper of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society