The Ethics Committee is responsible for advising the CAS Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the protection of human rights and values in light of ethical, scientific and technological progress in anesthesia, medicine and society in general.


  • Past Chair, Dr Cheryl Mack
  • Dr Miriam Mottar
  • Dr Ian Herrick, Past Chair
  • Dr Andrew Major
  • Dr Marie-Andree Girard
  • Dr Tracy Kok
  • Dr Vit Gunka
  • Dr Esther Kang
  • Dr Gwendolyn Lovsted
  • Dr Michelle Lutsch
  • Dr Connor Brenna – Resident Representative
  • Dr Ross Hopley – Resident Representative

Resources – Ethics

Peri-Operative Status of “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR)* Orders and Other Directives that Limit Interventions (November 2019)

Guidelines on the Ethics of Clinical Research in Anesthesia (2011 edition)