The members in each province form the Provincial Divisions. According to the bylaw, these are known as the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (name of province) Division. Members in our Territories may choose any provincial Division for membership.

Each division is represented at the Board of Directors.

Newfoundland & Labrador: Dr Angela Ridi, St. John's, NL
Prince Edward Island: Dr Joseph Desreux, Charlottetown, PE
Nova Scotia: Dr Dennis Drapeau, Halifax, NS
New Brunswick: Dr Tim Maxwell, Saint John, NB
Quebec: Dr Nikola Joly, Montreal, QC
Ontario: Dr Rohit Kumar, Toronto, ON
Manitoba: Dr Jennifer Plester, Winnipeg, MB
Saskatchewan: Dr Melanie Orvold, Saskatoon, SK
Alberta: Dr Saifee Rashiq, Edmonton, AB
British Columbia: Dr Annika Vrana (Interim), Vancouver BC 

You may contact Division chairs through the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society central office.