Dr Tumul Chowdhury

Dr Chowdhury is a Faculty anesthesiologist at Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto. He is currently Chair of the Neuroanesthesia Section of the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society. He is an active researcher, clinician, educator and mentor. He has published more than 100 articles. He is an active reviewer for more than 20 journals, and also an editorial board member in Journal of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical Care, Official journal of ISNACC. He has edited two books and authored more than ten book chapters. His main research areas are brain-heart interactions, trigeminocardiac reflex, and anesthesia & brain cancer survival.

Internationally, he is an active member of various committees SNACC (clinical affair committee and trainee engagement committee), WFSA (constitution committee) and Brain-Heart Interactions Society (Secretary). Dr Chowdhury is an assistant editor of SNACC newsletter. He is a member of Neuroanesthesia program relations committee of ICPNT and served as a reviewer of various Neuroanesthesia fellowship programs for ICPNT.