The CAIRS system is an anonymous program that can be incorporated into hospital systems to assist anesthesiologists to report, evaluate and receive information regarding anesthetic incidents. The results of the incident analyses may be fed back into the system, allowing the 'loop' to be closed as part of a quality improvement system.

CAIRS is now open and available to CAS members!  You can now visit the
CAIRS website ( to enter an incident, or to see how it works. The quick reference section provides an overview of the reporting system and allows you to see each section of the CAIRS form. You can access this quick reference by visiting or clicking on “HELP” in the top right of the CAIRS page. We encourage all members to participate.

IMPORTANT: to enter a report, you are required to enter your CAS member email address (the email that CAS has in its membership system for you) as well as your CAS member number. However, the data you enter in CAIRS is completely anonymous. No personal information regarding the clinician entering an incident is stored in the CAIRS database. If you do not know your member number, please contact

If you have any questions, or require further information, contact Dr Katherine Sparrow, Chair, CAIRS committee at: