Tranexamic acid: current use in obstetrics, major orthopedic, and trauma surgery

Tranexamic acid: current use in obstetrics, major orthopedic, and trauma surgery

Accredited Section 3
Accreditation Period: 15 May 2021 - 14 May 2024

Tranexamic acid is an efficacious and safe pharmacological-based blood conservation technique in the management of clinically significant hemorrhage, and its use is likely to continue to rise with endorsement by various clinical guidelines and healthcare organizations. All anesthesiologists should have a good understanding of the pharmacotherapeutic properties and perioperative role of tranexamic acid therapy both inside and outside of the operating room. In this Continuing Professional Development module, we review the practical pharmacology of tranexamic acid and its clinical use in trauma, obstetrics, and major orthopedic surgery.

Objectives of this Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module:

After reading this module, the reader should be able to:

1.    Explain the pharmacology of tranexamic acid
2.    Define the safety profile of tranexamic acid
3.    Explain the evidence and use of tranexamic acid in blood conservation for major obstetrics, orthopedics, and trauma patients
4.    Define clinical areas were further supportive evidence is needed

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