2024 Nominations are open. The deadline to nominate a colleague is December 17, 2023  

Nominate Here

All nominations must be submitted electronically through the CAS member portal, accessible here . There are three available forms: 

  1. one for the Outstanding Volunteer Award,  
  2. one for the Research Recognition Award and 
  3. one for all the other awards.  

Nominator Eligibility

Nominations can only be made by CAS members, and self-nominations are not permitted.  

How to Nominate  

The Outstanding Volunteer Award nomination criteria is below. For all other awards, the primary (corresponding) nominator must log in to the CAS Member Portal, fill in the Honour Awards Nomination Form and submit a nomination package consisting of:

  • Main nomination letter co-signed by both nominators
  • A maximum of three supporting letters
  • Nominee’s CV  

Note: Please send materials as original PDF or Word files, not scans.  

For the Clinical Teacher and John Bradley Young Educator Awards, one of the letters of support must come from a current trainee. 

For the Gold Medal and Research Recognition Awards, one of the letters of support must come from someone outside the nominee's institution. 

For the Research Recognition Award, nominations must have letters from at least three (no limit) supporters. 

Each nomination will be held active for a period of up to three years and will be reviewed annually. The primary nominator will be contacted to provide updated materials (especially a CV), every year. At the end of three years, a nomination will become inactive. For the Emeritus Membership Award, each nomination will be held indefinitely.  

Nominate Here

Nominee Eligibility 

  • Nominees must be active CAS members. 
  • ​Nominees must be living at the time nominations are considered. 
  • Members of the Board of the Society are not eligible to receive awards during and three years after their terms. 
  • ​Nominations are judged by the CAS Awards Committee; therefore, CAS Awards Committee members may not contribute to a nomination. 


Outstanding Volunteer Award nomination criteria 

Outstanding Volunteer Award nominees are evaluated based on:  

  • Impact on CAS as an organization. Examples include: creating a new program to meet member needs, executing initiatives as a committee member etc. 
  • ​​Being a CAS ambassador. Examples include: promoting the association and profession within their community, acting as a mentor to new members etc.  


  • Must be an active CAS member. 
  • ​Must have been a CAS volunteer for a minimum of three years.
  • A CAS volunteer is a member who freely gives their time to assist CAS in accomplishing their mission. This includes volunteers for the CAS Board, Committees, Sections, and special projects, as well as volunteers for CARF, CASIEF. 
  • ​No payment can be made for the volunteer’s contribution to CAS. 
  • ​Posthumous nominations will not be accepted. 

Recognition - Up to two (2) nominees per year will be recognized.