2024 Sustainability Strategy

Protecting our planet’s future by finding ways to reduce waste and our carbon footprint is a responsibility that we all share. In 2018, CAS established the Environmental Sustainability Section. In addition to advocating for greener anesthesia practices, this group advises on CAS’ ongoing strategy for making industry conferences and events more eco-friendly. We’re introducing various sustainability-focused initiatives and guidelines for the 2024 Annual Meeting—which we will continue to evolve in the years ahead.  

New or Ongoing Sustainability Best Practices   
  • Fully paperless programs available on our website or mobile app—printed programs will be available on request for those with accessibility needs
  • Reducing printed signage and conference information materials in favour of digital documents and re-usable or online wayfinding 
  • Offering more sustainable stationary materials, including pens made from recycled-based cardboard
  • Recycling plastic holders for name badges post-event
  • Minimizing use of takeaway food containers, cutlery, and beverage cups, and providing biodegradable and recycled-based versions of these products
  • Prioritizing catering selections made from local and/or organic ingredients
  • Hybrid sessions that enable virtual attendance in lieu of travelling

Choosing an Eco-Conscious Venue  
With a spectacular waterfront view and the city’s largest business events space, the Victoria Conference Centre (VCC) provides numerous energy-efficiency, water conservation, and waste management solutions to reduce the environmental impact of gatherings. Since 2009, VCC has collaborated with corporate sustainability management firms Synergy Enterprises and Offsetters, which have both certified the venue as carbon neutral. Visit the VVC website to learn more about how the centre champions greener events.

VVC’s Totem Pre-function area features greenery and Indigenous art reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship.

What Can You Do?
  • Bring a refillable water bottle or tumbler! Ask our staff or volunteers if you need help finding the touchless water refill stations
  • Fly greener. Haven’t booked your flight yet? Look for a lower emissions option when reserving travel
  • Share rides. Travel as a group between the airport and hotel and explore Victoria on foot or via public transit
  • Network paperlessly. Trade digital business cards or use a QR code to quickly exchange contact information  
  • Discard waste properly. Ensure that you dispose of waste such as food packaging in the correct bins
  • Conserve energy. Be sure to turn off lights, electronics, and heating or air conditioning when you’re not using them

Be sure to pack a water bottle for the Annual Meeting!

Bringing Sustainability to Your Practice
On Saturday, June 9th, Dr Vivian Ip, Chair of the CAS Environmental Sustainability Section, will moderate "Leading the 'Green Charge': What, Why and How?" at 1:00 PM PST and "How to Initiate Environmentally Sustainable Changes at Your Institution?" at 4:15 PM PST. 

These sessions will outline the importance of sustainability best practices in medicine, barriers to bringing more reusable instruments into the operating room, and skills and strategies to replace single-use equipment through collaboration. The audience will also learn how to be a leader in researching and implementing sustainable best practices and overcoming resistance to eco-focused changes within their institution.  

Be sure to register if you haven’t already, or contact us if you have any questions about attending.  We look forward to seeing you in June!