Sponsored Symposia at the CAS Annual Meeting

Evolution of hemodynamic monitoring – fluid, flow, pressure, and machine learning

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Saturday Lunch 12pm - 1pm
Room: Oak Bay 1 & 2

The lecture will look at the relative importance of fluid and pressure management in the management and outcomes of patients undergoing major surgery. It will look at how fluid management impacts clinical outcomes, but also explore how the gut microcirculation is impacted by relative hypovolemia. In addition, hypotension and its impact on outcomes has become prominent in the literature of late, and the lecture will explore the associations between hypotension and post operative complications, and how we can utilise machine learning and technology to predict, minimise and treat hypotension before it occurs.
Learning objectives 

  • To understand disconnection between the macro and micro circulation occurs with normal hemodynamics.
  • To understand the importance of both volume and pressure management to balance the ‘circulation’ for patient outcomes.
  • To examine the role of machine learning and technology in managing hemodynamics


Dr. Simon Davies MB ChB FRCA MD RGCert
Honorary Consultant in Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital


Anton Chau MD, MMSc, FRCPC 
Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia         
Consultant Anesthesiologist, BC Women’s Hospital & St. Paul’s Hospital


Visual patient avatar - the future of patient monitoring

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Sunday Lunch 11:45am - 12:45pm
Room: Oak Bay 1 & 2

Visual Patient Avatar is an innovative concept during anesthesia delivery that represents the future of patient monitoring. By combining advanced technology and situation awareness principles, it aims to revolutionize how we monitor patients. The Visual Patient Avatar utilizes cutting-edge visual representation techniques to create an avatar that translates a patient's vital sign behavior using shape, color, and animation. By applying situation awareness principles, healthcare professionals can gain a comprehensive overview of the patient's condition, allowing for improved awareness and timely interventions.



Dr. Christoph Nöthiger, Senior Attending Physician, Institute of Anesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich


Dr. Cynthia Alexandra Hunn, Research Fellow, University Hospital Zurich

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