What is ACUDA Education?

ACUDA Education is the subcommittee of ACUDA that is directly responsible for postgraduate education in Anesthesiology. The core members of this committee are the program Directors from all Canadian Royal College Anesthesiology training programs.

This committee provides a forum for the sharing of ideas and the development of educational approaches that promote excellence in Anesthesiology training across Canada. ACUDA works in co-operation with the Royal College Specialty Committee in anesthesiology to ensure the quality and consistency of standards and programs.

Who is ACUDA Education?

  • Chair:  Rotating chair with a two year term from among the standing membership
  • Standing members: Postgraduate Program Directors from all Canadian Anesthesiology Programs
  • Corresponding members: CAGA representative, RCPS Anesthesiology Specialty Committee Chair, RCPS Anesthesiology Examination Committee Chair

Postgraduate Education