Archives and Artifacts (A&A)

The Archives and Artifacts (A&A) Committee is responsible for organizing and preserving printed documents, audiovisual recordings and pictures (archives) and objects (artifacts) of historical significance to CAS and to anesthesia in Canada. Among its numerous other responsibilities, the A&A Committee is in charge of the development, planning and organization of the History Section of CAS’ web page and of the History Symposium at the CAS Annual Meeting.

Archives and Artifacts Chair(s)

Dr Michael Wong


  • Dr Daniel Chartrand, Past Chair
  • Dr Garrett Barry
  • Dr Justine Denomme
  • Dr Etienne de Medicis
  • Dr Karim Mukhida
  • Dr Wesley Rajaleelan
  • Dr Sonya Soh, Resident Representative
  • Dr Kush Patel, Resident Representative
The CAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can attend committee meetings at their discretion​.

For more information about CAS and to see a list of available archives, please visit our history page.