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The Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation (CARF) was founded in 1979 to administer funds and provide support to Canadian researchers in anesthesia who are members of the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society. These funds are essential in ensuring the stability of anesthesia research in Canada.

Research is the key to sustaining progress in the discipline of anesthesia. Ongoing and focused laboratory and clinically based research will ensure continuous improvements in perioperative medicine, intensive care and acute and chronic pain management. Canadian research in anesthesia has already brought about a number of important breakthroughs and advances in the practice of anesthesia.

These Include:

  • the discovery of the anesthetic properties of cyclopropane
  • the introduction of a neuromuscular blocking drug into anesthesia
  • the early use of patient-controlled analgesia
  • landmark development of knowledge about malignant hyperthermia
  • the identification of the atypical form of plasma cholinesterase
  • the introduction of co-axial anesthetic circuitry
  • pioneer developments in respiratory intensive care such as "PEEP"

In 1985 the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society Research Grants Program was established to help ensure that Canadian researchers in anesthesia receive the funds they need. Today, the Program administers more than $200,000 annually to support innovative research and research training. As the largest provider of funds for Canadian anesthesia research, CARF is committed to supporting the Research Program, Operating Grants and Career Scientist Award and administering funds to recipients of the following investigator, sub-specialty and fellowship awards.


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