Continuing Education and Professional Development

The CEPD Committee is responsible for advising the Board on all matters regarding Maintenance of Certification and continuing professional development of members in anesthesia and related fields. The committee also evaluates and advises the Board concerning incorporation of best practices in continuing medical education as it relates to educational activities offered by the CAS.


  • Dr Jordan Tarshis, Past Chair
  • Dr Adriaan Van Rensburg
  • Dr Hélène Pellerin
  • Dr Peter Slinger
  • Dr Richard Waldolf
  • Dr Fahad Alam
  • Dr Virenda Arya
  • Dr Justine Denomme
  • Dr Niveditha Karuppiah  
  • Dr Sabine Nabecker         
  • Dr Wilfredo Puentes        
  • Dr April (YiChen) Liu
  • Dr Sanjho Srikandarajah         
  • Dr Dolores McKeen, Executive representative

Resources – CEPD

For more information on CEPD and continuing professional development opportunities with CAS, please visit our education page.