Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee

The Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee (AMSPC) was established as the scientific planning committee for the CAS Annual Meeting, tasked with the comprehensive planning and execution of the event's scientific program, as well as overseeing abstract competitions and presentations. Their primary objective is to curate a program that offers our members the highest quality content.
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Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee Chair(s)

Dr Jason Chui


  • Dr Virendra K Arya, At Large
  • Dr Pablo Perez D'Empaire, At Large
  • Dr Camila Machado de Souza, At Large
  • Dr Wesley Rajaleelan, At Large
  • Dr Fahad Alam, CEPD Representative
  • Dr Shalini Dhir, Abstract Subcommittee Chair

Abstracts Subcommittee

The CAS Abstracts Subcommittee ensures the fair and timely review of all abstract submissions for the Annual Meeting. They are a subcommittee of the Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee.

Dr Shalini Dhr, Co-Chair
Dr Tim Turkstra, Co-Chair


  • Dr Juan-Francisco Asenjo
  • Dr Sujoy Banik
  • Dr David Charles Campbell
  • Dr Peter Collins
  • Dr Alain Deschamps
  • Dr Dale  Engen
  • Dr Ashraf Fayad
  • Dr Ron George
  • Dr Susan Goobie
  • Dr Ferrante Gragasin
  • Dr Christine Lamontagne
  • Dr Blaine Kent
  • Dr Stuart McCluskey
  • Dr Ruediger Noppens
  • Dr Wesley Rajaleelan
  • Dr Ana Sjaus
  • Dr Summer Syed
  • Dr Yumani Subramani
  • Dr Jean Wong
  • Dr Fabricio Zasso
The CAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can attend committee meetings at their discretion.