Dr Earl Wynands speaks on Anesthesia Day 2020 


watching closely those who sleep

A history of the Canadian Anaesthesists' Society
(Download book here - PDF)

Harold Griffith - His Life and Legacy

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Archives Symposium 2012

Title: Remembering the Past: History of Anesthesia in Canada

The early days of anesthesia in Quebec (1608-1942)

Daniel Chartrand
McGill University

Some Notable Women in Anesthesia in Canada

Joanne Douglas
University of British Columbia

The Legacy of Harold Griffith

Angela Enright, O.C.
University of British Columbia

The First Use of Divinyl Ether in Humans
Extra notes

BT Finucane
University of Alberta

Archive of Historical Anesthesia Equipment Exhibit Catalog

Preserving the Heritage of Canadian Anesthesiology A Panorama of People, Ideas, Techniques and Events

Developed as part of the Archive Exhibit that was on display at the 60th Annual Meeting in Quebec.

An Exhibit of Inhalers and Vaporizers (1847-1968)

Developed as a companion piece to the Archive Exhibit that was on display at the 59th Annual Meeting in Ottawa.

Wood Library

Archives presentation (PowerPoint, 9MB)

Originally presented at 2009 Annual Meeting. Contains history and images of anethesia equipment