The CAS Presidential Interviews Project

The CAS Presidential Interviews Project aims to document the lives and contributions of the past presidents of the Society. These individuals, in holding the highest office of the organization, have had major impacts on the evolution of CAS and have been vocal proponents for anesthesia practice in Canada and beyond. 
The first set of interview transcripts were released in the summer of 2023, marking the 80th anniversary of the founding of CAS.
Contributors to the Presidential Interviews Project include members of the Archives & Artifacts Committee (Drs Michael Wong, Garrett Barry, Daniel Chartrand, Étienne de Medici, Justine Denomme, Karim Mukhida, Wesley Rajaleelan, Sonya Soh), consultant Dr Sue Ferreira, and dedicated medical student volunteer Dr Amy Liu who embarked on residency training in psychiatry.

Dr Angela Enright Interview (conducted by Dr Sue Ferreira)

Transcript Table of Contents (all files open in PDF):

Dr Earl Wynands (1974-1975) 

Dr Jean TaillefER (1985-1986)

Dr Ronald Gregg (1986-1987)

Dr Peter Duncan (1988-1989)

Dr Desmond Writer (1989-1990)

Dr Richard Baxter (1991-1992)

Dr Andrew Davies (1992-1993)

Dr Crawford Walker (1993-1994)

Dr Angela Enright (1994-1995) 

Dr John Cowan (1997-1998)

Dr Serge Lenis (1999-2000)

Dr Robert Seal (2000-2002) 

Dr Renwick Mann (2004-2006)

Dr Richard Chisholm (2010-2012)

Dr Patricia Houston (2012-2014)

Dr Susan O’Leary (2014-2016)

Dr Daniel Bainbridge (2018-2020)