Anesthesia Assistants

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Our goal for the Anesthesia Assistant Section is to promote communication nationally among anesthesia assistants, providing a unified voice for our peers across the country, and to be a resource for both beginning practitioners and senior members of our growing profession. 

Anesthesia Assistants in an operating room

We are a relatively new profession; however, health care professionals with anesthesia training are highly sought after across Canada. Many anesthesia programs preparing students for this specialized position, equipping them to play a vital role in many medical operations, are emerging from coast to coast. This is an exciting time for our profession. Through our executive members, social media and this website, we hope to bridge the gap across Canada and bring our members closer and our ideas unified. 

The CAS provides an incredible avenue to bring anesthesia assistants together. The executive members hope that we will have a thriving AA section. Not only are anesthesia assistants brought together annually at the CAS meeting with AA-directed sessions, the conference lends itself to opportunities for networking, social events and of course our annual general meeting. This is our opportunity to sit face to face and discuss issues trending within the community and to update our members with future goals.

The executive is always looking for exciting new ideas and members. Please share your thoughts and we look forward to seeing you at the next AGM.

Anesthesia Assistants Chair(s)

Mr Jared Campbell
Chair | Winnipeg, MB